The Foundation for the Defense of the Rights and Freedoms of the People is a non-profit organization which was created on May 7, 2020 and whose mission is to maintain the freedoms acquired as well as to protect the fundamental rights of the people. By various means, the FDDLP is committed to providing helpful resources, quality content and promoting a collective awakening with the intention of mobilizing the population on current issues.



For purely social and charitable purposes, and without the intention of pecuniary gain for its members, the missions of the FDDLP are as follows:

  • Ensure that the acquired rights and fundamental freedoms of the people are protected against unreasonable and unjustifiable measures by the Canadian state, its provinces and its municipalities;
  • Collect donations from the general public in order to finance the professional mandates entrusted in particular to lawyers and / or experts, the mobilization activities necessary for the awakening of the community, the constant updating of the website and the symbolic salaries paid to the passionate leaders who are devoting themselves to the cause;
  • Challenge before the courts the validity of legislative instruments which authorize the State and its agents, to infringe the rights and freedoms of individuals, as well as the measures deemed inflated and illegitimate within democratic societies such as Quebec and Canada;
  • Assist, support and collaborate with the many movements in Canada or elsewhere in the world which espouse the vision of the Foundation and which respect the principles of democracy as well as the rule of law;
  • Be a leader in collective awakening and citizen mobilization.


  • Target, in the social, economic, legal and political environments, flagrant violations of the constitutional rights of the people;
  • Engage and fund, in whole or in part, the most qualified groups of lawyers in the country;
  • Bring together the best national and international luminaries in order to guarantee solid arguments that will serve as evidence during current testimonies and as part of our public communications with the population;
  • Create a huge network of individuals united physically and virtually to defend our rights and freedoms;
  • Collect essential information on the events which undermine the fundamental rights of the people and the potential resources in order to analyze them, interpret them and publish reports allowing the collective awakening and sovereignty of being;
  • Organize peaceful and unifying events in order to raise awareness and mobilize the population;
  • Fundraising continuously to ensure the expansion of the movement and the achievement of all of our goals.

The team


Founder, President and Spokesperson FDDLP.

Stéphane mandates and coordinates the teams of litigators. As an accountant, he oversees the sound management of the Foundation’s finances. For several years, his role as a father has motivated him to campaign for an in-depth overhaul of our public institutions, in particular as Head of the Citizens in Power political party.


Vice-President FDDLP.

Daniel is an experienced coach who supports and optimizes the actions of the president. His job is to do extensive research, popularize information and facilitate contacts between people who can help the cause. Daniel collects feedback from citizens and responds to factual needs in order to promote the Foundation’s missions.


Vice-President FDDLP.

With several years of experience in organizing events, Benoit is in charge of preparing and / or supporting events to recover our rights and freedoms.

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