I hereby would like to thank you personally and wholeheartedly for the financial and moral support you provided since the FDPRF was created on May 7, 2020. Your support is of paramount importance. Although our organization is still at an early stage in its operations, it already has several achievements under its belt as it continues to focus on its mission of awareness, rallying, international networking and filing of legal actions, in order to defend our rights and freedoms in this unprecedented health and political crisis. To learn more about the many achievements of the FDPRF since May 7, 2020, do not hesitate to consult the overhead tabs on this page, under »Foundation / Missions and Achievements ».

As you know, we are still not out of the woods, with announcements such as the possible implementation of a vaccine passport in the Province of Quebec and mandatory vaccines for its health personnel. Other upcoming announcements may soon add to our challenges in the fall of 2021, as our federal government intends to impose vaccination on all of its employees and its French counterpart plans to do the same on its nursing staff.


In a world where our leaders no longer hesitate to trample on our most fundamental rights and freedoms, we need to join forces as patriots and oppose the worldwide totalitarian disarray that currently threatens our future and that of our children.  

That is precisely the purpose of my letter to you today: to invite you to join the ranks of the FDPRF by enrolling in its new Ambassador’s Club.



  • Provide the supporters of the FDPRF with a means to make a commitment, as humans and citizens, in order to help their community assert its fundamental rights and freedoms, by:
    • Ensuring regular income to the only Quebec organization dedicated to collective awareness, community rallying and legal actions backed by a team of lawyers and scientific experts of international renown.
    • Relieving the pressure on the FDPRF’s human resources to search for funding in order to pay for legal, expert and other services, so that they can spend more time focusing the Foundation’s mission
    • Creating a close community of ambassadors who will support each other to help others and be the embodiment of the basic values associated with the defense of the people’s fundamental rights and freedoms.


Commitment: CA$250 per year for 3 years

Terms of payment: CA$250 payable at the time of registration and renewable the same month of the year following registration.

Possibility of a single payment of CA$675 payable at the time of registration and giving right to my three-year subscription (savings of $75 over three years)

Would you like to be a member but would like to have a monthly payment agreement of CA$21 per month?

It is possible to make an arrangement if you request it at


  • Hard plastic membership card for three years (expiring July 2024)
  • Certificate delivered to the ambassador upon their first payment, attesting to their effective support in the defense of the people’s rights and freedoms
  • Possibility of networking for the ambassadors who wish it. The network of ambassadors will be mainly comprised of Quebec ambassadors, but others from elsewhere in Canada and around the world may also decide to join in. We will respect the ambassadors’ wish to remain anonymous and not be part of the network.
  • Creation of a close community of leaders, in order to face the many social, political and economic challenges, currently existing or to come, in the Province of Quebec or elsewhere
  • Possible 10% discount on future FDPRF promotional items
  • A 50% discount for attending virtual and in-person conferences with renowned national and/or international speakers, as organized by the FDPRF (ex.: Reiner Fuellmich, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Christian Perronne, etc.)
  • Privileged communication with the President of the FDPRF through a special email channel, exclusive to the ambassadors 
  • Access to the FDPRF’s annual, audited and periodic financial statements and to a bi-annual report on its achievements and activities to come
  • Bi-annual participation (2 times a year) in strategic brainstorming sessions with the President of the FDPRF
  • Upon request by the FDPRF’s Board of Directors, participation in advisory surveys to be used as guidance material in certain strategic decisions of the Board in regards to its orientations and actions
  • Possibility to earn the title of Fellow-Ambassador for those who will have played their role with the greatest distinction  


    • Spread the word about the FDPRF in their community (mission, values, achievements of the FDPRF)
    • Refer at least one potential ambassador to the FDPRF within 3 years.

In the name of the FDPRF’s Board of Directors, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for accepting to join forces with us in rebuilding a decent future for generations, present and to come.

Stéphane Blais
President of the FDPRF

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