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    Questions regarding

    The FDDLP and its actions

    What is the status of the injunctions?

    Injunctions on the compulsory wearing of a mask in public places in Quebec and Ontario.

    Consultation work is carried out between the lawyers of the FDDLP and Me Rocco Galati. It was agreed that Me Galati would file an injunction against wearing a mask in Ontario at the end of August 2020. This case will be heard urgently in September or October.

    In the event of a victory by Me Galati on an injunction related to the wearing of a mask, the Quebec lawyers of the FDDLP will model Me Galati’s procedure and will use the same experts as Me Galati for the injunction on compulsory masks in Quebec which should be filed a few days after the judgment is pronounced in Ontario.

    In the event that the injunction on wearing a mask is defeated in Ontario, Quebec lawyers will analyze with Me Galati the strengths and weaknesses of his case and will plead using an approach adapted to the judgment of Ontario in order to win in Quebec.

    Injunction on possible compulsory vaccination in Quebec and Ontario

    A draft injunction related to compulsory vaccination was prepared by Quebec lawyers to block any attempt by the Quebec government to force Quebecers to be vaccinated without their consent. A lawsuit has already been filed by Me Rocco Galati in Ontario regarding compulsory vaccination in the fall of 2019.

    What is the status of the the federal lawsuit?

    Everything that is important takes attention to detail and time. From the very start, we have had one strategy; our main case resides with Me Galati, but we are working on short-term interventions with a group of Quebec lawyers. We must be aware that legal proceedings require good preparation to be effective.

    Lawsuit over unconstitutionality and excessiveness of sanitary measures to protect all Canadians.

    Me Rocco Galati, constitutional lawyer, financially supported by Vaccine Choice Canada and the Foundation for the Defense of the Rights and Freedoms of the People, filed a lawsuit on July 6, 2020 against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the governments of Canada and Ontario , the city of Toronto, a number of politicians and health authorities, as well as the CBC for their response to the coronavirus pandemic, including business closures, mask warrants and social distancing rules.

    The plaintiffs argue that the defendants’ “extreme, unwarranted and unfounded” responses to the pandemic were “neither scientific, nor medically founded, nor proven”. They also allege that government mask warrants can cause “physical and psychological damage,” according to the lawsuit. “The plaintiffs state, and the point is, that the defendants have never acknowledged, addressed, spoken or responded to … contrary expert opinions,” the complaint reads.

    The organization names websites such as YouTube, Google, Yahoo and CBC as platforms that have “intentionally deleted, censored, belittled and suppressed the publication of such contrary views, contrary to the principles and methodology of science and medicine ”, with government support.

    The group also blames the World Health Organization, the mainstream media, and federal and local governments for facilitating the belief that COVID-19 is the “greatest threat to humanity in our lifetime,” which , according to them, is false.

    The case should be heard in the fall of 2020 and it will go to the Supreme Court according to Mr. Rocco Galati. Me Galati, Vaccine Choice Canada and the Foundation for the Defense of the Rights and Freedoms of the People aim to win in the Supreme Court on the excessive and unconstitutional nature of social distancing measures, the compulsory wearing of masks, compulsory vaccination, personal confinement and the discretionary closure of businesses deemed non-essential.

    In addition, the group of plaintiffs want a judgment forcing the CBC / SRC to respect its mandate to present diverse information honoring its mandate to represent all the opinions of all Canadians.

    Me Rocco Galati represents Vaccine Choice Canada and other complainants who are prosecuting the following accused:


    Justin TRUDEAU, PM of Canada

    CBC / Radio Canada

    Dr. Theresa TAM, Chief Doctor of Canada

    Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario

    Christine ELLIOT, Ontario Minister of Health

    Dr. David WILLIAMS, Chief Medical Officer of Ontario

    The Attorney General of Canada

    The Attorney General of Ontario

    Her Majesty the Queen

    The Foundation for the Defense of the Rights and Freedoms of the People is proud to support Vaccine Choice Canada.

    What is the status of the prosecution by Me Guy Bertrand?

    Judicial review appeal from Cabinet Guy Bertrand inc.

    This lawsuit, filed on June 8, 2020, created a media shock and dissuaded parliamentarians from quickly adopting the ignoble Bill 61 which would have allowed the government to govern by decrees indefinitely, to grant more than hundreds of major contracts. without a call for tenders while offering immunity to the main players in an alleged economic recovery.

    The filling of this suit allowed us to gain 4 months respite before the government of Quebec comes back with a new version of its alleged economic recovery.

    The judicial review appeal belongs to the Foundation and may be taken over and amended by another law firm in due course.

    I would like to support the FDDLP. What can I do?

    Each individual has power. Thanks for using it! You can make a difference.

    1) You can “like”, comment and share our publications in order to promote the awakening of the community.

    2) You can join our events and invite those around you to do the same (see the “events” tab on the Foundation’s Facebook page)

    3) You can write letters to Prime Minister François Legault, the director of public health Horacio Arruda, your deputies, the Québec Ombudsman, the Human Rights Tribunal, school administrators, etc.

    4) You can also call the places listed above to request clear answers to your questions.

    5) You can organize actions at your own scale, according to your means (petitions, articles, videos, rallies, etc.).

    6) You can subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed at all times, by clicking here.

    I signed up for the newsletter, but I haven't received it. Why?

    We invite you to check your spam or the “Promotion” tab in your browser.

    With over 4000 newsletter subscribers we are counting on you to do the due diligence with the actions mentioned above.

    We invite you to subscribe to the newsletter by clicking here. If you have already registered, you will receive a notification.


    Thank you for your support and understanding.

    If I'm making an Interac e-Transfer, what should the password answer be?

    You can effectively donate to us via direct transfer using the following email: fddlp.org@gmail.com

    It is imperative that you use the following password must be: foundation

    We Thank you

    Can I get my donation refunded?

    The objects of the Foundation do not allow donors or their successors to recover, in any form whatsoever, the money they have paid to the Foundation.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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