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  • Summary of key events of the FDDLP

    Between April and August 2020 

    Officially, the FDDLP has existed since May 7, 2020. For a little over 3 months, here are our accomplishments:

    April 2020: The idea of ​​a lawsuit gains ground

    Stéphane Blais, a father of 4, is worried about the way the crisis is being handled in Quebec. He therefore took the initiative to meet with Vaccine Choice Canada and Me Rocco Galati in order to protect all Canadians in the event of a possible lawsuit against the Government of Canada. The objective is clear: to react to the violation of our constitutional rights.

    In addition, Stéphane Blais is requesting a feasibility study from Cabinet Guy Bertrand in order to take the Quebec government to court.

    May 7, 2020: The original idea becomes reality 

    The FDDLP legally saw the light of day under the name of “Foundation for the Protection of Civil Freedoms” (FPPLC). This name is still registered with the Quebec enterprise register. 

    May 18, 2020: First public meeting with Me Galati 

    Stéphane Blais and Me Rocco Galati meet in Toronto to determine strategies and produce an explanatory video relating to constitutional rights protected by the Constitution.

    May 20, 2020: Website Version 1.0 

    The first website is quickly implemented to enable the first donations to be collected. 

    May 21, 2020: Fundraising 

    The launch of the Foundation’s fundraising campaign takes place at STU-DIO with Stéphane Blais, Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur, Alexis Cossette-Trudel, Lucie Laurier, Frédéric Pitre, Daniel Pilon, Caroline Mailloux and André Pitre. The aim is to explain in detail the objectives of the FDDLP and to raise the necessary funds for possible prosecutions. On that date, the Foundation also put the Facebook page online, which now has nearly 25,000 subscribers.

    June 5, 2020: Change of name of the Foundation 

    The “Foundation for the Protection of Civil Liberties” (FPPLC) becomes the Foundation for the Defense of the Rights and Freedoms of the People (FDDLP). The reason is simple: the word “citizen” refers to a legal personality and we preferred the word “people”, which refers to humans in general. As mentioned above, these 2 names appear in the Quebec enterprise register. 

    June 8, 2020: Filing of the lawsuit in Quebec 

    Memorable date when the FDDLP files the lawsuit against the Government of Quebec at the Palais de Justice in Quebec, alongside the team of Me Guy Bertrand. The administrators of the FDDLP then gathered in front of the National Assembly of Quebec to make speeches.

    June 12, 2020: First signs that the FDDLP is shaking the system 

    The filing of the lawsuit caused a lot of talk and the government took the decision to back down on Bill 61. We then gained 4 months in order to better prepare before the parliamentary return scheduled for September 15 and the threats of being subjected to a gag order. fall 2020. A trustee from the Quebec CPA order sent a list of 76 questions to Stéphane Blais for his positions in the context of Covid-19. The president of the FDDLP makes this list public and denounces the interference of professional orders.

    July 6, 2020: Filing of the lawsuit in Canada 

    Several plaintiffs, represented by Me Rocco Galati, file the lawsuit against the following defendants: 

    Justin TRUDEAU, PM of Canada 

    CBC / Radio Canada 

    Dr. Theresa TAM, Chief Doctor of Canada 

    Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario 

    Christine ELLIOT, Ontario Minister of Health 

    Dr. David WILLIAMS, Chief Medical Officer of Ontario 

    The Attorney General of Canada 

    The Attorney General of Ontario 

    Her Majesty the Queen

    July 7, 2020: Resignation of Me Bertrand 

    Unable to accept words of peaceful civil disobedience, Me Guy Bertrand resigned two days before the date of the trial against the Quebec government had been set. 

    July 8, 2020: Daniel St-Hilaire 

    Stéphane Blais recruits Daniel St-Hilaire; an experienced coach who supports and optimizes the president’s actions. His job as vice president is to do extensive research, popularize information and facilitate contacts between people who can help the cause. Daniel listens to citizens and responds to factual needs in order to promote FDDLP missions.

    July 9, 2020: Press conference 

    Me Rocco Galati, in the presence of Vaccine Choice Canada and the FDDLP, gives a press conference in which he explains the lawsuit filed on July 6, 2020. 

    To watch the video (in french), click on this link:

    Procès en lien avec la crise du Covid19, avec Me Rocco Galati

    Conférence de presse au bureau de Me Rocco Galati qui représente Vaccine Choice Canada, Denis Rancourt et d'autres plaignants.Les plaignants poursuivent les accusés suivants :Justin TRUDEAU, PM du CanadaDr. Theresa TAM, Docteur en chef du CanadaDoug Ford, Premier ministre de l'OntarioChristine ELLIOT, ministre de la Santé de l'OntarioDr. David WILLIAMS, médecin-chef de l'OntarioLe procureur général du Canada Le procureur général de l'Ontario Sa Majesté la Reine CBC / Radio CanadaMe Galati expliquera la nature de ce procès en lien avec la crise du Covid19.La Fondation est heureuse d'appuyer Vaccine Choice Canada.Jeudi 9 juillet 2020 à Toronto à 11h30 AM

    Posted by Fondation pour la défense des droits et libertés du peuple on Friday, July 10, 2020

    July 11, 2020: New team of lawyers 

    In Quebec, very few lawyers want to risk their careers by going against bar directives. Stéphane Blais’ perseverance ends up paying off; lawyers finally accept the mandate to represent the FDDLP in its proceedings. They then review Me Bertrand’s convoy and work with Me Galati to develop winning strategies for future injunctions. 

    July 22, 2020: Mel Goyer 

    Having been recruited on July 5 to manage social networks, Mel Goyer officially became a member of the administrative council 17 days later. As a seasoned activist, she became the primary event organizer, in addition to writing newsletters, press releases and Facebook posts. Mel is also doing some video editing, coordinating the volunteer team, and designing promotional tools for the FDDLP.

    July 25, 2020: First gathering in Montreal 

    Following numerous mobilizations in Quebec and Ottawa, the FDDLP decided to organize a rally in Montreal. On Mount Royal, several speakers come to speak in order to provide the public with information that departs from the main narrative of the media. 

    To watch videos (in french) of the event, click on this link:

    July 26, 2020: Gathering in Quebec 

    In the pouring rain, thousands of people gather in front of the Parliament in Quebec to hear the speeches of several speakers mobilized during the beginnings of the Covid-19 crisis. Stéphane Blais speaks and this great gathering is spilling ink in the media. 

    To watch the video of the full speech of the President of the FDDLP, click on this link:

    August 1, 2020: Brainstorm on the image 

    The FDDLP updates its team and mandates a web designer to create a new site, version 2.0 in order to offer concrete tools to the population. An artistic director reviews the professional image and proposes to design an exclusive communication channel for the Foundation, in particular with the Le Point capsules. 

    August 8, 2020: Pacific walk in Montreal 

    FDDLP subscribers want to mobilize and come together beyond the virtual world. The Foundation is therefore organizing a Peaceful walk to defend our rights and freedoms which brings together an impressive number of people in the streets of Montreal. 

    To see a summary of this grandiose walk, click on this link:

    August 10, 2020: Sample letter for schools 

    The start of the school year is fast approaching and the FDDLP is inspired by a letter created by L’Aide à vivre to offer parents the opportunity to protect their children. This letter covers topics such as wearing a mandatory mask, repeated use of antibacterial gels, screening tests and vaccination. She asks critical questions so that parents can demand answers. 

    To find out more, click on this link:

    August 21, 2020: Injunction against mandatory vaccination in Quebec 

    Since Quebec’s public health law provides for the possibility of vaccinating the entire population without the consent of the citizens concerned, the team of lawyers presents a draft injunction to the FDDLP board of directors. Several key witnesses are recruited and the injunction is ready for use in an emergency. 

    August 23, 2020: Family walk in Quebec 

    The FDDLP wishes to offer its support to Josée Turmel and Éric Duhaime who are organizing a family march against the wearing of the compulsory mask for the students of Quebec. Back to school is upon us and many worried parents are mobilizing to assert the rights of their children. The two fathers of the board of directors, Stéphane Blais and Daniel St-Hilaire, are present in Quebec. Specialists working with young people give speeches to explain to people the issues related to wearing a mask in school.

    August 24, 2020: Website version 2.0

    The basics of the new website have been made public so that people can mobilize and easily find relevant information. We invite you to consult it regularly since several important tools will be added in the coming weeks.

    August 25, 2020: First Le Point capsule

    The idea is to offer weekly capsules (we will do our best to deliver the goods) to keep up with the news. In total, 4 concepts will be developed thanks to a dedicated team.

    Le Point: informative capsules with Stéphane Blais

    The Exclamation Point: mobilization capsules with Mel Goyer

    The Question mark: interviews with different people involved

    Points of suspension: historical facts told by Daniel St-Hilaire

    In less than 4 months, we have put a lot of effort into putting in place a sustainable structure. Thanks to your help, we are constantly improving strategies in order to maximize the impact and bring together more and more people. Thank you for being with us to defend our rights and freedoms. You make the difference.

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