The Foundation for the Defense of People’s Rights and Freedoms is a non-profit organization, which was created on May 7, 2020 on a mission to safeguard existing freedoms and, through various means and contributing experts, to protect the people’s fundamental rights.    


  • To trigger the community’s awareness through its actions
  • To provide access to specialized resources (prosecutions and legal services)
  • To bring the community to work together as a unified force on social issues, current  and future


Its actions being driven by social and charitable motivations only, with no intention of seeking financial gain for its members, the objectives of the FDPRF are as follows:


  • To ensure the protection of the people’s existing rights and fundamental freedoms from the unreasonable and unjustified measures of the Canadian State, its provinces and municipalities
  • To collect donations from the general public, in order to finance the professional mandates assigned to lawyers and/or subject matter experts, the events aiming to rally and awaken the community, the regular updates of our Website and the symbolic wages granted to the passionate leaders or competent resources who are dedicated to the cause   
  • To legally challenge the validity of the legislative tools used by the State, its representatives and its affiliates, to compromise the individuals’ rights and freedoms and implement measures deemed excessive and unfounded within a democratic system1 such as that of the Province of Quebec and Canada
  • To assist, support and cooperate with the multiple Canadian and foreign movements that share the Foundation’s vision and respect the principles of democracy, as well as the primacy of human rights 
  • To be a leading influence in the community’s awareness and rallying
  • To inspire changes in the community’s mindset by showing its commitment to a unified cause

1 Def.: Democratic system: A democratic system refers to the condition of a society, in which there is formal equality of rights, thus allowing individuals to benefit from social flexibility. Democracy may be direct (people make the laws themselves) or representative (people elect representatives who pass the laws)


Since it was first created, the Foundation has been focusing on its objectives and it continues to make every effort to hold up to its commitments, notably by: 


  • Making the most of each resource, meeting and action, in order to build a strong organizational structure
  • Optimizing its development and management, in order to provide high quality services
  • Creating and implementing programs designed to protect our rights
  • Fulfilling its mission’s commitments towards each regional, national and international community
  • Providing access to specialized supporting resources
  • Offering quality information on various topics, with a view to being transparent and seeking the truth



The main strategies to be implemented are pursuant to the Foundation’s development plan and may be defined as follows:


  • To target obvious violations of the people’s constitutional rights in social, economic, legislative and political areas
  • To involve and finance, in whole or in part, the most qualified groups of expert lawyers in the country
  • To bring together the best multidisciplinary authorities at the national and international level (in such areas as legislation, regulation, law, science, etc.), in order to secure strong arguments, as well as real and verifiable data to be presented as evidence in courts or in public statements and interactions with the community
  • To establish a vast network of people, unified both physically and virtually to defend our rights and freedoms  
  • To collate essential and significant information on occurrences that compromise the people’s fundamental rights and on potential resources enabled to analyse and interpret them, and to provide updates that trigger the community’s awareness and sovereignty
  • To organize pacific and uniting gatherings, in order to trigger the community’s awareness and  rallying    
  • To collect donations on a recurrent basis, in order to allow for the expansion of the movement and the fulfillment of all our objectives
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