Richard Grigis

Vice-President, Legal Affairs

Born in Montreal, Richard is a true activist who acts out of conviction and deep personal values. Over the past twenty years, he gained extensive knowledge in the medical field as co-owner of several medical clinics in the greater Montreal area. Having negotiated commercial agreements with some of the largest pharmacies in the Province of Quebec and having worked alongside the medical staff in times of public health crises, Richard acquired an intimate knowledge of the public health system operations in the Province of Quebec, and of the incentives that raise pharmaceutical interests.


He is the second of two sons and Richard’s parents set an example for their children. His mother, one of the few female engineers to graduate from the University of Toronto in the seventies, had a successful career and finally retired from Pratt & Whitney Canada as Chief Information Officer (CIO). His father, who came to Canada after a slow start in Egypt, is a retired medical specialist who served the community in the greater Montreal area for more than 40 years.


In 1997, Richard completed high school at Lower Canada College in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce district of Montreal. In 1999, he spent a year at Queen University in Kingston, taking part in the bachelor in commerce degree. Back in Montreal, he pursued studies in the law certificate program at the University of Montreal. Throughout his studies, Richard continued to work alongside his father as director and co-owner of semi-private medical clinics in St-Léonard, Laval and Terrebonne. He has since left the medical field to pursue his career as an entrepreneur.


With his background in law and commerce, Richard has a personal interest in networking with the Canadian legal community, in order to take legal actions against harmful, divisive and discriminatory public health measures. Richard is also the Head Editor of Fearless Canada and Courage Québec, two non-profit activist groups.

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Richard Girgis

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